By Outsourcing some of your labour requirements, your company has made a decision that will help you control your variable staffing costs, increase your flexibility and allow you to focus on your core business. We enable you to maximise these benefits by offering market-leading quality and administrative ease.

Outsourcing should be a Solution. Our speciality is in recruiting qualified temporary or permanent staff, whether managed as part of your team or by us direct. But we also take care of all the administration, any licensing and all regulatory requirements. When you ask us for people, we deliver a Solution: responsive, as flexible as you need it to be and commercially attractive.

We supply Temporary staff to the following business sectors :

  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Commercial and Event Catering
  • Care Homes
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Driving and Distribution
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Agriculture


We provide staff to our Customers. But every situation is different and each Solution is tailored to your specific requirements: from simply supplying you with the right Temporary staff at the right time, to managing all of your Outsourced staff needs.

Our service can be as extensive or defined as you want – whichever contractual relationship works best for your company – and we offer our Customers a range of outline Solutions :

Master Vendor
This Solution enables a company to focus completely on its core service, by contracting the recruitment and management of its temporary staff requirements to us. We source staff from our partner agencies – each specialised in its field – in addition to supplying our own staff direct.All coordination, administration and management is done by Deluxe to standards agreed with you.

Neutral Vendor
In many cases companies will already have existing agreements for outsourced or temporary staff with agencies specialised in different industries or areas of work, and managed by different departments or locations. There are real benefits in bringing these requirements together and contracting the management and coordination of the existing contractors to Deluxe. Rather than supply the direct staff ourselves, we will impartially honour these arrangements and will performance manage each contractor on your behalf.All coordination, administration and management is done by Deluxe to standards agreed with you.

High volume recruitment for seasonal or permanent staff can strain the resources of any company. Recruitment is one of our specialities and we can support your team by recruiting on your behalf, to your people specifications and all legislative and administrative requirements.

Our objective is to satisfy your staffing needs through fresh recruitment and placement, by managing the transition of temporary to permanent staff or a changing blend of both.

Managed Services
You know your business best but there are times when a temporary or permanent growth in volume stretches your own team. Deluxe is the solution.

We can manage our staff in your operation. More than just providing people, we place a dedicated account team in your facility to manage the temporary staff to your standards : total accountability for a key part of your business.

And as your needs develop, so does our Solution. From temporary to permanent staff; managed as part of your team or by us.