Facebook Social Recruiting

Facebook Social Recruiting – Learning More About the Professional Skills Category

At the tail end of 2013, Facebook made a very subtle change to user profiles that’s actually had a greater impact on the social recruitment effort than experts believed it would. What was this update? The addition of the “Professional Skills” category gave users the ability to narrow down their career skills into subsections, virtually turning Facebook into a talent database overnight.


Located under the “Work and Education” section in each user’s profile page, Facebook members now have the ability to create multiple professional skills on their profiles in one easy interface. The Professional Skills section was virtually unnoticed for several weeks, until Facebook stepped up marketing efforts by setting up profile update reminders when users login; something that remains in force as of this article.

How Users Set up Professional Skills on Facebook

It’s very easy to add unlimited professional skills on Facebook. Once you have logged in, click on your user page, and then look for the “Update Info” button found on the Facebook cover image. Clicking this takes you to the main profile information update page. Find Professional Skills on the left hand side, under the Work and Education section.