Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Most businesses have difficulty finding or retaining quality staff members, but a staffing agency just may provide the insight you’ve been missing. It is estimated that more than 2.5 million people work through staffing agencies every day and almost 10 million contracted or temporary workers end up being hired at the company they worked at

Managed Staffing: Evaluating A New Program

The decision to control how an organization uses temporary labour – or perhaps more accurately, staffing providers – is typically one born of a desire to eliminate redundancy and improve the cost efficiency of using temporary workers as a part of the workforce. The need to determine a way to better manage temporary staff procurement

Hospitality Staffing Agency Tips

Effective recruitment is important in running a hospitality business. Like with any other business in the highly competitive service industry, the success of a hospitality organization depends much on the kind of people running the company. Hiring a top hospitality staffing solutions provider can help you to get the right employees for your business, which

Advantages of Temporary Staffing for Businesses

With the increasing economy, companies are now finding ways where they can go ahead and try to save or reduce the expenses. One particular way is by going ahead and recruiting on contracts. Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing is a process where companies hire professionals based on the requirements, for a certain period of time.

Hiring Temporary Employees

If your business’s staffing needs are seasonal — for example, you need extra workers during the holidays or during busy production periods — then temporary employees could be the answer to your problem. If the thought of a temp brings to mind a secretary, think again. The services and skills temporary help companies offer small

Temp Workers are the Cool, New Workforce

So it seems that business are starting to see work again. During the recession everyone grew lean and cut overhead in the form of staff. Now it might be time to bring people back. Here’s the thing, in that window of time while businesses were struggling and people were laid off, the workforce has changed